How can you keep your sales cycle during COVID-19?

It’s been almost a year in which we are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, a health crisis that affects our entire economy. When will it end and how long will it take? We find ourselves struggling to manage, operate and grow our company. If there is one thing that we all have learned from COVID-19 is that we, as business owners and entrepreneurs need to be efficient and make sure that our business will keep running, no matter what.  The financial crisis destroyed many industries. A lot of companies needed to close their gates and declare bankruptcy. The ones that survive are still eager to find new ways to keep their business running and be profitable. We need to be creative and find new ways to sell our products/services even through this challenging time. So, how can we increase efficiency and keep sales cycle running? Since we are unable to reach our clients face to face, setting up a telemarketing sales team is the best way to reach out and contact clients via phone calls, video calls, emails, chats and other online tools. The advantages of managing a telemarketing sales team:
  • One sales representative can make a large number of calls on a working day and reach more potential customers (within 8-9 working hours you can make 50-60 sales calls, assuming there are enough leads).
  • You can reach local and international customers sitting in different parts of the world, thus reaching various target markets.
  • Very fast operation of sending pricing proposals / promotions.
  • Precise tracks on your sales representatives that includes listening to calls, analyzing calls and providing highly effective guidance and mentoring.
  • There are very effective chatbot engines that help manage sales and understand customer needs.
  • The clients are using social media – so it’s very easy to reach them and having many new leads every single day.
What are the challenges that a telemarketing sales team facing?
  • Lack of attentiveness on the customer’s part;
  • Difficulty in reading the customer’s body language;
  • The ability to convey the message in an easy manner;
  • Various distractions;
  • Distrust on the part of the customer;
  • Difficulty in recognizing a potential customer.
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